Abraham Heisler

Abraham (Ana’di) Heisler, a native New Yorker, began making films while in secondary school. For his senior project, he wrote, directed, and produced a 45 minute long film that earned him much acclaim.

After studying film at Syracuse University and the New York Film Academy, Abe took on larger projects such as his short film, ?Danny and the Ocean?, which premiered in the Los Angeles International Children?s Film Festival and ?The Lotus Date?, which was selected to be on New York City TV show, Press Play.

In recent years, Abe has availed his filmmaking services to AMURT, an international disaster relief and community development NGO, to film a TV commercial promoting their accomplishments in Haiti as well as chronicle their relief efforts through a series of professionally done web blogs.

Social activism, spiritual yearning and finding answers within are central themes in all of Abe’s work. His true hope is to make films that inspire the mind, uplift the heart and of course, entertain.