PROUT Primer

An Introductory Book on PROUTThis book attempts to present the essential principles of PROUT in a concise and easily understood form. The PROUT Primer does not seek to offer a rigorous intellectual proof of PROUT, nor does it strive for a comparative analysis in any regard. Most of the ideas presented are almost inexcusably brief in their exposition. Much has been hinted at, and much more has been left unsaid. For all of this, an apology might well be offered, but rather let me say simply that other books and greater scholars will surely provide that which I have neglected or chosen not to do.

As this book is the effort of one other than the living propounder of PROUT, it is well-conceivable that there are some errors contained herein. If this book be read with an open mind and a loving heart, then no doubt the spirit of PROUT will be grasped and any mistakes on the part of the author will be exposed and corrected. It is my sincere hope that this book will serve the basic purpose for which it was written – to provide an answer to the vital question: “What is PROUT?”

Acarya Abhidevananda Avadhuta
June 1978