PROUT Social Analysis

PROUT Social AnalysisKnowingly or unknowingly every sincere revolutionary soldier, every humanitarian activist, every lover of humanity, wants to establish PROUT. Moreover, the eventual materialization of PROUT’s ideals is a certainty. When an apple is tossed into the air, it will fall down to earth – the theory of gravity will succeed. Similarly, PROUT, because it is benevolent and because it is practical, must some day be appreciated by humanity. Once understood and accepted by humanity, PROUT will surely guide all social activity on this planet thereafter.

In the course of this very brief article, a complex model has been, at best, sketchily outlined. To do justice to this model, and to the principles of PROUT, both should be studied in greater depth. Nevertheless, no matter how complex society may be and consequently no matter how refined and subtle our understanding of PROUT must be, the essence of PROUT can be grasped without difficulty by everyone. That essence is summed up in a single sentence. In the words of Shrii P. R. Sarkar, the propounder of PROUT and the greatest humanitarian philosopher in Earth’s history: This is a Progressive Utilization Theory, published for the good and happiness of all.